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We provide high quality grooming services in a hygienic, safe, modern salon. Providing the loving care your pet would receive at home. All prices quoted are subject to change, depending on the size of dog and coat condition.

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    Full Groom

    Bath and fluff dry, brush through and de-matting, ears plucked and cleaned, nail and pad trim and a full custom coat style and clip


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    Puppy Groom

    Feet and face trim, hygiene clip, nail clip, bath with sensitive shampoo and ear clean.


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    Mini Groom

    All the same beauty benefits as the full groom without the clipping and styling. Perfect for short haired dogs or as a maintenance groom


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    Teeth Cleaning

    Deep cleaning service which removes plaque and tartar, destroys bacteria and reduces gum inflammation


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Owner & Dog Groomer



Dog Groomer



Dog Groomer



Thanks for a wonderful groom...


We have never seen Oscar so relaxed at a dog groomers, would highly recommend!


Thank you for an amazing job...


Daisy looks fantastic now! Definitely bringing her back


Cant recommend enough...


Absolutely fantastic with my miniature schnauzer who loves Daniella! Her friendly manner puts you and your dog at ease as soon as you walk in. Cant thank you enough!




First time my little girl visited you and you did a lovely groom for her. Would highly recommend! One very happy dog when collected, thank you so much!

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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Daniella's Dog Grooming for your pets grooming needs - Your pet is important to us!

Prior to your pups next appointment please take some time to review and sign our salon policies. If you have any questions regarding these policies don't hesitate to contact us.
Payment and deposit information
When booking an appointment with us we will ask for 50% of the groom amount as a non-refundable deposit. This is to reduce the number of no shows and last minute cancellations which has a great impact on the business financially.
The deposit can be paid in store, or we can send a secure link via Lopay by text message or an email request through Savvy. The deposit will need to be paid up to 48 hours prior to the appointment to secure the booking.
In no circumstances will the deposit be refundable, however if you need to re-arrange the appointment, we will happily transfer the deposit you have paid to another booking. We do ask that we have at least 48 hours’ notice to ensure we are able to fill the slot. If not, you will need to make a new booking and pay a new deposit.
Cancellations & no shows
If you are unable to attend your appointment, please give at least 48 hours’ notice prior to the appointment. If you do not turn up, are more than 15 minutes late or cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, we will request a new deposit for a new booking.
Time keeping
As we work on a one-to-one basis, your dog will be given 100% of our attention throughout the appointment. This system can only work if clients drop off and pick up at the times specified. You do not need to arrive early, and if you feel you will not be able to make the pick-up time for any reason, please let us know. Due to not using crates or cages, we are unable to separate your dog from others coming for their appointment which can cause great difficulty.
If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, we will not be able to complete the groom in the allocated time, and therefore will re-arrange for a future date. This will be classed as a "No show" and your deposit will not be transferred to a future groom but kept instead to cover the cost of your missed groom.
 Flea policy
If your pup is found to have fleas, we will charge a fee of £10 in addition to the cost of the groom, where they will be bathed in a flea shampoo and the salon disinfected. If we feel the dog is infested, we will ask you to collect the dog and retain the deposit.
Aggressive/difficult dogs
Any dogs that are aggressive towards a member of the team or another dog may need to be muzzled. If we feel the dog is too aggressive or difficult to groom, we may refuse to continue the groom and send them home. We will always ensure we do best by the dog and if the groom is too stressful for them, we will stop. We may also refuse to groom them again in the future.
Dogs that are pregnant or in season
If your dog is in season, please make us aware when booking the appointment. Male dogs can detect a female in heat often causing their behaviour to be disruptive whilst grooming. We must also ensure they are always kept separated.
We will not groom dogs that are pregnant.
When collecting your pup, please take the time to check them over to ensure you are happy with the groom. If there is something you feel isn’t quite right, please make the staff aware and we will be happy to correct it.
In the unfortunate instance that your dog has suffered an injury during the groom such as a nail cut too short or a small nick from the clippers, we will make you aware upon collection. Photos will be taken, and the correct care advice given.
These instances are very rare; however, accidents do happen. Dogs do tend to fidget whilst being groomed, and if the coat is in a bad condition small nicks can unfortunately sometimes occur.
If a complaint is made, we will do a full investigation into what has happened and will present our findings and hope to resolve it as soon as possible. If we feel we are unable to come to an agreed conclusion we will pass the information onto our insurance company who will settle it on an impartial basis.
Please note that if you do wish to make a complaint, then please contact us within 7 days of the groom date. Any complaints made after 7 days of the groom being completed will not be perused.
We always try our best, so if you are not happy for whatever reason, we will do our utmost to try and rectify any issues to satisfy both you and your lovely pups.
Thank you,
Daniella & the team